Ren is the main male protagonist of They are my Noble Masters. Ren has black hair and brown eyes. He is quite stubborn but will do anything for his friends. He has an honest and straight forward personality which Shinra Kuonji loves to tease him for. He still has some issues with his past that need to be resolved. When Ren was young he and his older sister Mihato Uesugi ran away. When they arrived in a new city he started looking for jobs but had no luck. When he saw a young girl faint he caught her and brought her to her house. Then Shinra Kuonji arrived home and watched him fight with Colonel. He was knocked out and when he woke up again he found out Mihato had persuaded Shinra and the others to let them have a job and stay at their house. Ren is currently no-one's personal butler but he tends to serve Shinra more than her younger sisters.

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