A maid in the Kuonji House and Security Guard, primarily serves Yume. She grew up on an island, where she lost her family and right eye to a tsunami.

Personality Edit

Natose is a kind, but strong person. She is shown to love eating food, often gobbling up several servings, and also enjoys gardening. She often stares up at the stars, thinking about her family. She takes her job as a security guard seriously, being able to jump incredibly far and punch hard enough to create balls of energy or wind. Due to her having lost her brother, along with the rest of her family, she sees Ren as younger brother, becoming delighted whenever he calls her big sis. She is shown to care about everyone around her, helping Yume with her identity crisis issues, Chiharu with his crush on Benisu, and anyone else who is in need of help.


Natose has short blue hair, with blue eyes, and wears a black eye patch on her right. She is often shown wearing a butler-esque uniform, consisting of a white shirt with a gray vest, a blue tie, gray pants, and black shoes. She has fair skin and average sized breasts.

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