Miyu kuonji 4718


Miyu is the second sister of the Kuonji siblings and her servant is Mihato Uesugi. She is the younger sister of Shinra and the elder sister of Yume. She is usually accompanied by her egg-shaped robot, De Niro, which she made herself, who can talk and attack using drills, rockets and sound. Although she is a shotacon, she is also shown to be attracted to Ren Uesugi, and is always being teased, sometimes erotically, by her younger sister, Shinra. She was the first person Ren met as she fainted from heat and was caught by him. She has already graduated from college, due to her extremely high IQ, being around 240. Using her intellect, she receives millions by selling her many patented inventions. She is often treated like a child and is often called a loli. Even though she does look like a child she is twenty three years old. She has long yellow/brown pigtails and blue eyes. She is usually shown wearing a short white dress with red/orange buttons and a red/orange bow. She wears black knee-high socks with brown shoes. She also has white and black ties holding her pigtails in place.

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