Mihato Uesugi

Mihato is the older sister of Ren Uesugi, who ran away with him from their abusive father. She is Miyu Kuonji's maid and she is a hard worker but tends to get jealous when she sees the other females growing closer to Ren. She has long blond hair and green eyes, often sporting glasses. She is shown to have hidden items in 49 different places on her body. She has a brother complex, even admitting it to a man who tried to hit on her. She sometimes gets envious of the other girls when they're spending time with Ren. After Ageha Kuki kissed Ren she was devastated, later becoming angry. When Ren continually works, he tends to miss her when she says hi, causing Mihato to get lonely. She loves her little brother very much and is very infatuated with him.

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