Benisu is a maid that cooks the meals, she primarily serves Shinra

Personality and appearanceEdit

She has long red hair that is usually in a ponytail and she has purple eyes. She is quite aggressive towards Ren, however she eventually begins to respect her.

Information on HerEdit

Benisu grew up in a poor section in a city, working at a relative's restaurant while learning to cook, learning to fight while protecting herself from those who would try to grab her, and teaching herself math in the streets. After the restaurant closed, she was picked up off the streets by the Colonel, who was impressed by her skill in cooking and brought her to work at the Kuonji house. She values Shinra's praise and attention above all else because she feels that Shinra gives her a reason to live. She initially clashes with Ren, who refers to her as Benikō in order to prevent himself from mispronouncing her name. However after the two are kidnapped and Ren allows himself to be beaten in order to protect her, she begins to see him in a new light, although he does inadvertently come into the room in which she is still changing.

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